When he is hired as the champion of the noble Urwilar family, Verhan knows that his main job is to fight the other families' champions to settle political disputes. What he doesn't count on is the beautiful Mistress Morani, his sponsor's daughter, as she puts him up against the most formidable opponents to prove his worth. As he struggles to win her favour, he lands in the middle of a secret war between the nobility and the criminal underground of a very dangerous city. Caught between these two opposing conspiracies, he finds that winning duels as a champion is the least of his problems.
When the talented inventor Zyrus Imharet is summoned to the ancient fortress-city of Kar Tunor, he looks forward to his task; to build the greatest weapon the Empire has ever seen. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a city under siege, where different factions vie for power. Who is behind it all, and can he stop them before the city falls?Rebellion of the Raging Sun takes place four years after the events of City of the Seventh Moon, continuing the story in the furthest frontier of the Ankuan Empire. Not all characters are who they once were, and no one really knows who the enemy is.

War of the Weeping Sky

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